3 Day assessed course in adventure park rescuer.

The training to be a “IAPA Rescuer” is based on the training of a IAPA Instructor. As a Rescuer, you have all the skills of instructors and may assist and rescue participants from a height. They therefore have a number of responsibilities and play a very vital role in the running of an adventure park.

The basic training to become a IAPA Rescuer comprises at least 30 teaching units (45 min each).
The training is carried out by a certified IAPA Trainer in one’s own facility.


  • Proof of first aid (9 teaching units) respectively the signed IAPA G41/ first aid paper.
  • Minimum age: 18.
  • The training participant is able to walk the complete adventure park like a participant.
  • The training participant has a written and spoken command of the working language in the adventure park.
  • Completed training to become an instructor.

Content of the training:

  • Proper installation, dismantling, and use of ladders.
  • Establishment of necessary anchor points for all belay techniques used in the park.
  • Rescue and lowering from platform:
    • Option A: with fully automatic device
    • Option B: with semi-automatic device
  • Rescue and lowering from element:
    • Option A: with fully automatic device
    • Option B: semi-automatic device w. mobile pulley (e.g. Petzl JAG)
    • Option C: semi-automatic device with stationary pulley
  • Yo-yo evacuation technique:
    • Option A: with fully automatic device
    • Option B: with semi-automatic device and back-up
  • Evacuation procedures including one evacuation exercise at least.
  • Ability to independently carry out routine visual checks according to EN 15567-1, including all necessary visual and functional checks before the park is opened.
  • Extended PPE for the visual and functional checks of the equipment used in the park.
He was excellent at tailoring the course and scenarios to what this company works with. Very hands on, lots of outside time learning by doing. His teaching style is excellent, very structured, fun and dynamic. He is realistic and teaches us how to use what equipment we actually take on tours, rather than expecing us to carry huge first aid kits, he taught us how to improves and use what we have or what nature has. He inspired the company to run their own work shops a few times a year to keep our skills fresh and 'alive'. He teaches well to a group but also has the patient's and skill to explain extra things to individuals if its needed. The courses are also super fun and a good way to get employees together and work as a team. All in all it was awesome and I'm looking forward to the new course. cheers Si your a champ!
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