WFA 2 Day

Scenario based 2 day wilderness First Aid course.

This 2 Day Wilderness First Aid/CPR Course is ideally suited for students of all kinds and abilities. We emphasize hands-on scenarios and practice, so come ready for a great day full of activity and learning outside! You are guaranteed to learn a lot and have a great time!  

Sierra Rescue presents skills and techniques according to practice guidelines established by the Wilderness Medical Society as outlined in the Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines. All our Wilderness Medicine and First Aid and CPR courses follow American Heart Association, OSHA and the Wilderness Medicine Society standards for CPR, AED and First Aid training.

Students completing the course will receive a 16hr Wilderness First Aid Card (good for two years) and an OSHA Approved CPR Card (good for two years). This meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/ First Aid training needs.

He was excellent at tailoring the course and scenarios to what this company works with. Very hands on, lots of outside time learning by doing. His teaching style is excellent, very structured, fun and dynamic. He is realistic and teaches us how to use what equipment we actually take on tours, rather than expecing us to carry huge first aid kits, he taught us how to improves and use what we have or what nature has. He inspired the company to run their own work shops a few times a year to keep our skills fresh and 'alive'. He teaches well to a group but also has the patient's and skill to explain extra things to individuals if its needed. The courses are also super fun and a good way to get employees together and work as a team. All in all it was awesome and I'm looking forward to the new course. cheers Si your a champ!
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